Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Story Problem


ok, so, have you heard of Starflyer 59? They're America's greatest rock band of all-time, ever. Just ask these nerds.

Also, have you heard of Candy Claws? They're a fantastic, synthy, dreamy, space-nature band from Fort Collins, CO. Is their music good? Yes. Don't believe me? Ask these nerds.

And, have you heard of Deerhunter? They're a currently famous band from Atlanta who plays on late night TV shows. I first heard them on a stereo at a Starflyer 59 show in Illinois. Here are some nerds.

Finally, as well, have you heard of Flannelgraph Records? They're nerds.

The reason I ask is, if you know about or are interested in any of those things, then maybe you'll care about this....

Sometime in the next few months (release date TBD) Mike Adams At His Honest Weight (that's me) will be releasing a split 10" with Candy Claws on Flannelgraph Records! The music on the 10" will be of each band covering one Starflyer 59 song that they love! The "B" or "Mike Adams at His Honest Weight" side was mastered by none other than Drew Vandenberg, who I met once on St. Patrick's day in Athens, GA. He also worked (and played on) the last two Deerhunter albums.

There you have it.

Candy Claws did the cover art, and it's really great. Kinda like if Scooby-Doo went to Hawaii instead of the Brady Bunch. Hopefully we can show you that, and let you know the release date before too long. In the mean time, feel free to venture any guesses as to which Starflyer songs you think we covered. I know the answer, but I'm just not telling here out of pure meanness.

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