Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Food For Thought

I have been a fairweather fan of David Bazan's ever since I heard the "Whole EP" way back in high school. I haven't always liked his stuff, but when he does something new I typically do check it out and see what he's up to. (I like "Control" and the first four tracks on "Fewer Moving Parts" the most, fyi)

I have been a hardcore fan of Starflyer 59 ever since I heard "Gold" (dubbed for me on the same cassette as the "Whole EP", incidentally) way back in high school. I have always loved their stuff, even when it wasn't as good as their other stuff. (i like "Leave Here A Stranger", "Everybody Makes Mistakes" and "Fell in Love At 22" the most, though that's a very hard decision to make)

Starflyer 59 (featuring David Bazan) /// BROKEN ARM /// Ghosts Of The Future (BTV, 2007)

David Bazan /// LOST MY SHAPE /// Curse Your Branches (Barsuk, 2009) [track 7]

David Bazan /// MESSES /// Strange Negotiations (Barsuk, 2011) [track 7]

There you have it.

Also, one time my friend Jordan H. sent me this message on December 14, 2009 :
"Hey Mike,

Hope things are going well.
I had something to tell you that you might find pretty cool.
The other night, two of my friends hosted a David Bazan show in their living room, and it was pretty amazing. However, after the show we were standing around talking to him. We had iTunes on shuffle in the background, and during one song he actually left the conversation to check the computer and see what song was playing. The song was "Don't Change" and he said he loved it. So we gave him you guys' MySpace address and so on.

To recap, Dave Bazan totally dug Husband & Wife.

Take care !


Not too interesting...until you realize that the name of the eighth track on David Bazan's new record "Strange Negotiations" is titled.....DON'T CHANGE!

We report, you decide....

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  1. Yeah, Bazan and Martin did work on a few songs together and thought about doing a whole album. I talked to Bazan about it and they said they didn't really have the time to put the work into it. Too bad cuz it would have been awesome.

    Congratulations on making an impression of Bazan The Man!