Monday, January 3, 2011

Cheers in Heaven

What do Eric Clapton, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Scorpions, and I have in common?
We're all being advertised on PITCHFORKMEDIA.COM, right now!

That's right! Even the fine folks of recommend that you pick up Oscillate Wisely on or around it's release date of 1/25/11, and you had better mind.

in other news, we had the first full-band practice for the OW release show (1/16/11, in Bloomington) last night, and it went great! Loads of fun, f'sho.
here they are:
Mike Adams - singing
Captain Bfox - guitar, singing
Zae Canale - guitar
Snack Mountain - bass guitar, singing
Kurtis Friedrich - keys
Benlums - bendrums


  1. pitchfork! omg pretty soon you'll be touring with fall out boy!

  2. don't be silly. he's a cartoon. i know "...roger rabbit" was convincing, but in reality, humans and cartoons cannot interact.

    ...i wish!