Friday, October 23, 2009

a thing or two

i really love (and highly recommend) this record

(current) favorite restaurants in bloomington, IN
#1 smoking jack's rib shack
#2 naughty dog
#3 mother bear's pizza
#4 cafe pizzaria
#5 falafels

still never been to (and not in a hurry to get to):

to do list
-celebrate (3rd) anniversary this weekend without thinking of other things on this list
-settle on name for 3" sub series
-finish bro stephen record
-finish/collab on new husband&wife album, proud flesh
-brainstorm art ideas for same
-mix xrafest nite 2 audio
-finish reading 'the right stuff'
-goad adam to finish honest weight
-buy quikrete and fill possum hole in foundation
-finish studio/warehouse organization

i spent the latter part of this evening walking around downtown bloomington and chatting with my friend seth. it was just about the perfect end to this long (but fine) day. i'm really looking forward to next weekend's parties and hang sessions. i've been missing a few of my friends lately and it will be a nice refreshment to see them again. are you one?

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