Tuesday, October 6, 2009

are you done boys?

just returned home last night from a 4-day weekend recording the new Bro. Stephen album. we (myself, scott k, and adam j) took a trip 3 hours north and set up a makeshift recording studio in one of my granddad's barns. (i've only got the one granddad these days, but he's got several barns, i mean) i've wanted to do this for a long time now, and it was cool that scott was the sucker who finally went for the idea. the songs and the environment suited each other. we barreled through 16 songs in ~4 days. all of the main tracking - acoustic guitar and voice - was done live, then scott and i took turns harmonizing, then adam and i took turns doing other stupid stuff like trying to play violas and guitars tuned only to G. it was a marathon, but we got all of the important stuff taken care of. now we'll bring it back to bloomington and finish it up.
here are some highlights.

then, this morning, i woke up at 9:30a and got myself around to drive the 45 minutes to cloverdale, IN. i met my grandpa there. he was going to a racehorse auction and that sounded like something i didn't want to miss. it was awesome. huge pole barn, hundreds of quarter horses and thoroughbreds, and two of the most animated auctioneers i've ever seen. it was a total blast. i had to leave before granddad put in a bid, but before i left i saw two HORSES sell for over $20,000. (although most of them went for around $1,500). it was insane, and i can't wait to go again. if anyone wants to go to some horse races this spring, give me a call.

selected works in progress
- finish bro stephen records
- mix XRA fest recordings (night 2)
- come up with dust collectors artwork idea
- re-organize home studio (space save)
- try to relax for once, and go on a date

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