Tuesday, July 5, 2011


here's some music i am feeling VERY excited about right now...

Milagres - Glowing Mouth

Tammar - Visits

Loren Connors - Red Mars

Sleeping Bag - Sleeping Bag

The Drift - Blue Hour

I'm waiting patiently (read: anxiously) to hear and look into the artwork for each of these albums as they're made available. that's the longest list of upcoming releases to excite me, maybe ever...

in other news, i'm headed out on tour with husband&wife this weekend. should be a blast, anyway, PLUS we're with sleeping bag. double bonus.

also, i've started tracking songs for a new Honest Weight record. It's very early and hard to tell what this is going to be like. i started with 13. in theory, i'm down to 12 now, with possibly only 11. there's still one more to arrange and record a scratch track for. i think it'll happen. everything is still very abstract and malleable, but it's beginning to take shape. i'll keep you informed as it's revealed to me.

thanks for reading.

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