Monday, June 13, 2011

secret new release released!

here's my brand new digital-only single, recorded for and released by Flannelgraph Records just 5 minutes ago!

I wrote and recorded these songs in a fit one night a few weeks ago while i was (and still am) dealing with some pretty heavy stuff. Without exaggerating, i think i can say that i'm currently experiencing some of the most prolonged, deepest sorrow and worry I've ever felt, and simultaneously overwhelmed with some very serious, thrilling excitement and joy. Emotions are a funny thing. They are not mutually exclusive, and do not yield to one another. I typically prefer stability and reflexion to a lot of peaks and valleys, but i've definitely been feeling the strain of what's going on inside me lately. In honesty though, letting these songs out has been very therapeutic in helping me understand what i'm dealing with. Coupled with the fact that i have a whole lot of very kind and understanding friends.

sorry to get so heavy and selfish for a minute. i am happy to say, though, that the joyous thing i'm dealing with is that my first wife is currently in-the-family-way. i'm fairly certain that i'm the father, and will be accepting baby name suggestions in the comment field below.

also, i've got two shows coming up this month. a rare treat. one in muncie, IN with the calumet reel, and one in franklin, IN with legendary rockers Daniel Amos!! i'll post some details soon.

check out them new songs!!


  1. Michael Anderson

  2. Wednesday, Morticia, or Fester

  3. Congrats man. Seven is a good name

  4. Congrats Mike. I'm pretty sure you should name your kid after Magic Johnson. No exact reason why, but he just seems like a solid person to name a chid after. Doesn't Magic Adams sound good? I mean if you want a more traditional name Ervin would work just as well too.