Monday, February 21, 2011

holy bees

the seasons are changing and i'm finding myself, once again, super busy. too busy, in fact, to write in sentences. so, here's a list :

-review mix for new Honest Weight 7"
-record demo for new h+w song (to click track)
-final mix for Bro. Stephen full-length
-test new gear and prepare for this weekend's recording session with cousin Frankie's church band
-(that means gathering and cleaning up equipment)
-upload digital LEM music (ongoing.....)
-collect things Nate needs for XRA 3.0 (ongoing...)
-look at a calendar
-finish/rerecord guitar parts for new Prayer Breakfast EP
-get the PB full-length out

current listening:
Little Wings (Black Grass)
Radiohead (King of Limbs)
Lambchop (How I Quit Smoking)
Roger Miller (Complete Discography)

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