Monday, February 22, 2010

oops, all bloopers

I've been working on some unusual collaborations lately. Unusual in the sense that I'm working closely with some people that I don't often get the chance to work closely with. It's been nice exercise, and a whole lot of fun. Some of them have been quick, as in the (eventually) 2 hour long recording session with Frank Schweikhardt yesterday for the Laminar Excursion series. Some of them are more involved, like the Sleeping Bag record i'm working on with Dave.
Hopefully, sometime soon I can post the three 30-second spots I helped Bryant with. Quick and dirty, but we have similar sensibilities, so most things went smoothly and came out sounding pretty good (albeit, nervous and out-of-tune).

for now, here's an older recording I sat in on with my main man, Jared Cheek. I played lead guitar, and so did Jared. He also wrote the song and played the organ, and/or keyboard.
Midnight at the Hills Layaway by mikeadams

Sleeping Bag drum tracking:

Oh, by the way, the Bloomington Sandwich Co. has won me over lately. Delicious sandwiches. It's a little pricey, but it's got to be. It ain't Blimpie. Plus, if you share with someone it's really not that bad. They've been giving out free samples of italian ice all week. You'd better hurry before they shut that promo down.

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