Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oscillate Wisely

I've finished all of the sound-related work on the new Mike Adams & his dust collectors album. It's called I Am One Of Them, And So Are You. Now I just have to do all the other stuff; figure out how I want to release it, what kind of artwork I want it to have, and how to get some people to listen to it. It's not exactly a high priority right now, so odds are that it will continue to sit in a drawer until a rainy day.

Mike Adams & his dust collectors - I Am One Of Them, And So Are You
1. Vinegar, I Hardly Know Her (5:10)
2. Candy Like A Fox (12:00)
3. They Don't Call You The Divining Rod (2:55)
4. Oscillate Wisely (6:28)
5. Michael Is My Middle Name (5:39)
6. The Bottom Is Where The Deepest Fish Go (9:00)

You can hear the first track right now, though. My good friend Nathan Vollmar used it to soundtrack a (very good) short he recently made. Here it is, it's called "Meatloaf".

selected works in progress:
- XRA records warehouse arrangement
- prayer breakfast debut full-length
- mike adams at his honest weight plain waves LP
- husband&wife proud flesh demos
- dust collectors plan of attack

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